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Let Go of Things to Travel Lightly.

March 23, 2014

one bag, 10 items
I’m curious about the objects people carry every day. It opens my eyes to what they’re focusing on and leads to delightful conversations on heaviness and lightness for each of us.

It’s fascinating to see what people think they need every day. Sometimes I meet people who carry an endless amount of things, bags within bags. All the things add up and creates weight on our shoulders.

Travelling lightly every day gives you the freedom to move. There’s only a few things I need every day. Keys to unlock new adventures and a phone to navigate me to a place to buy coffee with bitcoins. A wallet to store my cards and myki to get me to my destination. Awesome mints to wake up my lungs and a balm to keep my lips happy. Headphones that pump beats in my ears that fuel my creativity. A machine to power my work, a pen and notebook to sketch out ideas. When I need a snack, a bar of chocolate to feed my tummy.

10 items that go in one bag, each fulfilling a purpose throughout my day. Look into your bag, are you traveling with too much weight? Let go. Travel lightly.

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19 Feb
I've gone a couple of months without getting a haircut. I've had the same stylist for over 10 years till now. I trust his meticulous eye and steady hands while his blades snip away my hair.

I'm relatively new in Melbourne so I don't know who to trust with my hair. Yesterday I decided to wander into a salon on Russell st. I found myself sitting in the chair worrying, body tense. Unsure how my hair will turn out after the stylist was done.

Sometimes we forget that for trust to nurture, we need to take the first step. Stop overthinking. Start doing. Take the weight off your head.


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